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"Medicinal and Aromatic Plants for Health and Well-being of All"

Research Strategies

Crop Improvement

  • Introduction of superior germplasm.
  • Germplasm enhancement for quality and high yield.
  • Identification of high quality and high yielding genotypes.
  • Studies of floral biology and breeding behaviour.
  • Search for source of resistance to biotic and abiotic stresses.
  • G x E interaction to identify best location for best performance.
  • Ex-situ conservation of medicinal plants in field gene bank.

Crop Production

  • Basic research for developing good agricultural practices (GAP) in medicinal and Aromatic plants taking into account individual location and species.
  • Developing integrated crop management module including integrated nutrient, water and pest management protocols.
  • Biosynthetic pathway of secondary metabolites production.
  • Developing organic farming system.

Quality Management

  • Monitoring of pesticide residue and heavy metal contamination in the market produce/sources.
  • Monitoring of quality of raw drug material available in the market.
  • Fixing of quality standard of raw drug material.
  • Developing chemical finger printing for individual species to avoid adulteration.
  • Developing a referral laboratory.

Crop Protection

  • Standardisation and development of integrated pest management (for both disease and insect pest).
  • Developing forecasting models.


  • Micropropagation of species which have multiplication problem.
  • Use of marker assisted breeding for varietal development.
  • Use of molecular markers for detection of adulterations in raw drug trading.
  • Developing different molecular techniques for genetic finger printing to protect IPR.
  • Studies on biosynthetic pathways of biomolecules and their genetic regulation systems.

Post Harvest Management

  • Development of post harvest management system.
  • Development of storage technology for reducing post harvest loses.
  • Limited product development for food supplement and nutraceutical.