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About us

Medi-Hub TBI is an Agri-Business Incubator looking at all aspects of technology management, business and Incubation in field of medicinal and aromatic plants. First of its kind to the cater start-ups needs in medicinal and aromatic plants, the incubator commissioned in the year 2020 with the financial support from National Agricultural Innovation Fund (NAIF) of Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR), Department of Agricultural Research and Education (DARE), Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare, Government of India. Medi-Hub TBI is hosted at the ICAR-Directorate of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants Research (DMAPR), Anand, Gujarat, India. ICAR-DMAPR is a National institute working on various aspects of medicinal and aromatic Plants of India under the umbrella of ICAR. Medi-Hub TBI is encouraging the budding Entrepreneurs to promote the growth of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants Sector.

One of the Largest Technology Incubators in India

Vision and Mission


Commercialise innovations and startups in Medicinal and Aromatic plants with best in class support system for entrepreneurs


Create platform and explore business services through entrepreneurship development, innovation and value addition for strengthening value chain in medicinal and aromatic plants.
Facilitating incubation of new startups/ entrepreneurs & enterprise for promising MAP based technology by providing need based technical, business and networking support. Provide facilities and services to validate their venture before successful establishment of enterprise.


New knowledge-based economy through incubation and Enterpruneship development using medicinal and aromatic plants. ICAR-DMAPR through its Medi-Hub TBI shall contribute to the success of the Agri Innovation system in the country, by providing the right space, time and infrastructure to nurture new ideas, innovation and technical skills of its entrepreneurs in field of medicinal and aromatic plants. Cultivation of medicinal and aromatic plants, High value compounds, enriched herbal formulations, quality seeds and planting materials and co products of MAP waste are some of the area of interest.


    1. Incubation and business development MAPs and its value-added products

    2. Techno -entrepreneurial activities in MAPs value chain for prospective clientele

    3. Skill development in selected stakeholders related to MAP sector


Medi-Hub TBI has the requisite expertise in areas relevant to medicinal and aromatic plants and also proposes to facilitate Innovation to become a business venture. It promotes development of medicinal and aromatic plants sector along with technology transfer. It organizes sensitization workshops, boot camps and company management seminars or webinars.

Business Environment

Medicinal and aromatic plants (MAPs) are an integral component of alternative medical care in the world. Herbal medicines serve the primary healthcare needs of about 80 per cent of the world’s population. The present estimated global herbal industry is valued over US$ 60 billion mainly in the form of pharmaceuticals (US$ 40 billion), spices and herbs (US$ 5.9 billion), natural cosmetics (US$ 7 billion) and essential oil (US$ 4 billion) and it is growing at the pace of 7-15% per year and is expected to reach US$ 5 trillion by the year 2050. MAPs are not only important for the healthcare system but also important to boost economy and can impart a significant role in economic development. There is growing demand for medicinal plants and their products in the country. Due to the global resurgence in traditional and alternative healthcare systems, the market for herbal drugs has grown at an impressive rate and it continue to flourish, and promises a bright future. The potential growth of herbal medicine is important for India’s economic growth.

Become an Entrepreneur Today!

Why Startups in Medicinal
and aromatic plants?

Herbs based industry is growing in the country, as result there is an increased demand for medicinal and aromatic plants. ICAR-DMAPR involved in developed of innovative technologies such as high yielding varieties, quality planting materials, innovative formulation for health care, standard operating protocols and extractions technologies in medicinal and aromatic plants. Large number of such technologies are needs to be scaled-up for the socio-economic development. Medi-Hub TBI help to create technology led and knowledge driven enterprises.

"Converting IDEAS into Enlightening Agri-Business in Medicinal & Aromatic Plants"

Our Executive Body

  • Dr. Satyajit Roy, Chairman and Director, ICAR-DMAPR, Anand
  • Dr. Satyansu Kumar, Executive Member and Principal Scientist, ICAR-DMAPR
  • Dr. P.L. Saran, Executive Member and Principal scientist, ICAR-DMAPR
  • Dr. Biraj Bandhu Basak, Executive Member and Scientist, ICAR-DMAPR
  • Dr. R. Nagaraja Reddy, Secretary and Scientist

Our Advisory Body

  • Dr. Satyajit Roy, Chairman and Director, ICAR-DMAPR, Anand
  • Dr. Satyansu Kumar, Member and Principal Scientist, ICAR-DMAPR
  • Dr. Biraj Bandhu Basak, Member and Scientist, ICAR-DMAPR
  • Dr. P.L. Saran, Member and Principal scientist, ICAR-DMAPR
  • Member1- Co-adopted from the Pharma industry/organic chemistry
  • Member2- Co-adopted from the Indian Systems of Medicine
  • Member3- Co-adopted from the Seed industry
  • Member4- Co-adopted from the Exporter/Processing Industry
  • Dr. R. Nagaraja Reddy, Secretary and Scientist

Our Team

Dr. Satyajit Roy

Dr. Satyanshu Kumar

Dr. P. L. Saran

Dr.R. Nagaraja Reddy

Dr. Biraj Bandhu Basak


Medi-Hub Incubation Program is designed to help startups grow in a seamless fashion by providing them the technology and business support system in medicinal and aromatic plants.

  • Technology consultation
  • Business consultation
  • Mentoring and Networking
  • Infra facilities
  • Access to funding
  • Knowledge sharing


Medicinal &
Aromatic Plants

Aloe barbadensis

Withania somnifera

Commiphora wightii

Plantago ovata

Cymbopogon flexuosus

Glycyrrhiza glabra

Cymbopogon martinii

Chlorophytum borivilianum

Cassia angustifolia

Tinospora cordifolia

Andrographis paniculata

Asparagus racemosus

Desmodiun gangeticam

Gymnema sylvestre

Ocimum basilicum



Thinking of Medi-Hub Incubation Program may arise many questions in mind like following:

  • What is a Medi-Hub TBI?
  • What are the qualifications/requirements to be an incubator at Medi-Hub TBI?
  • What is the procedure for admission to Medi-Hub TBI?
  • What are the charges /fees for the admission?
  • ..............................................We have explanation of such questions/querries, FAQ    Link

Contact Us

      Contact Medi-Hub TBI
    Dr. R. Nagaraja Reddy
    Principal Investigator,
    Agri Business Incubator and Scientist
    ICAR-DMAPR, Boriavi-387310
    Anand, Gujarat, India
    Phone: 02692271602#239
    Fax: 02692271601
    Mobile: 8140240163
    Mail to: Nagaraja.R@icar.gov.in
    or:   medihubtbi@gmail.com

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