1.   What is a Medi-Hub TBI?

    Medi-Hub TBI is Technology Business incubator (TBI) that accelerates the successful development of start-up and fledgling companies by providing entrepreneurs with an array of targeted resources and services in Agriculture with much focus on medicinal and aromatic plants. Here, we nurture young firms, helping them to survive and grow during the startup period when they are most vulnerable. We provide entrepreneurial counseling, access to financing and introduction to critical business and technical support services. We also offer entrepreneurial firms shared office services, access to equipment and flexible leases. We thrive to provide all the facilities that provide start-up companies with an environment and a variety of business support resources and services to help them grow quickly and successfully. There are Ignition (for idea to proof of concept) and Accelerator (already established firms) programs under Medi-Hub

2.   Why startup in medicinal and aromatic plants?

    The Indian agricultural sector is in dire need to improve its sustainability, productivity, and efficiency through innovation in business models, supply chain, and delivery systems. Startups are best placed to innovate, create new technologies and business models, and encourage their adoption at the grass-root level. Moreover,Medicinal plant is much calling area. Medicinal plants can target segments like Herbal Food, Herbal Nutraceuticals, Herbal Beverages, and Herbal Cosmetics in both Domestic as well as International Market.

3.   What are the qualifications/requirements to be an incubator at Medi-Hub TBI?

      The requirements for admission to the Incubator Program at Medi-Hub TBI are:

  • A realistic business plan/business idea reflecting the potential to grow the business and become a leading player in their market segment
  • Reasonable credit history and adequate financial resources to remain in business for at least twelve (12) months
  • Not in direct competition with other incubator clients.
  • A product or service that represents a unique technology, application or practice that can create a competitive advantage
  • No legal claims or lawsuits pending against the business

4.   I do not have a business plan; can I complete the “Business Incubation Inquiry Form”?

    Yes, and tell us about your business idea or product or services through this form  

5.   Does Incubatee need to be physically present?

    No, as Medi-Hub TBI work in both fashions i.e. physically and virtually.

6.   What is the age limit for admission to Medi-Hub TBI?

    There is no Age Limit.

7.   When should I apply for Medi-Hub TBI? Can I apply for the incubation projects throughout the year?


8.   How should I apply for Medi-Hub TBI?

    All applications should be submitted through the ICAR DMAPR online portal   

9.   What kind of business /ideas do you accept?

    Medi-hub TBI works with businesses in all shapes, sizes, and industries in its Incubator Program in regards to Business Idea based on Medicinal and aromatic plants. Domestic (India-based) companies that want to enter or expand into a new region within the India or international businesses are also welcomed under acceleration program. We have a core competency in innovative technologies related to Medicinal and Aromatic plants.

10.   I have been in business for a few months/few years; do I qualify?

    Yes. You qualify under our Acceleror program.

11.   What services do you provide?

    Medi-Hub Incubation Program is designed to help startups and existing business to grow in a seamless fashion by providing them the technology and business support system in medicinal and aromatic plants.

  • Technology consultation [Registration,Licensing, Technology transfer and Commercialization]
  • Business consultation [Assistance with business plan development, go-to-market strategies and connects with backward and forward market linkages]
  • Mentoring and Networking [knowledge and skill enhancement through technical and business training, networking and access to technical and business mentors and experts.]
  • Infra facilities [Facilitation of product development and access to R & D Labs, Production facilities, plug and play office spaces and meeting rooms.]
  • Access to funding [assistance in preparation of business plans, proposals and pitch decks, linkages with banks, financial institutions and investors]
  • Knowledge sharing [promotion of incubated startups for wide acceptance among the consumers]

12.   What are the charges /fees for the admission?

    The fee for admission is Rs 2000 + GST INR per month.

13.   What is the procedure for admission to Medi-Hub TBI?

    The procedure is very simple and generally takes around one to three months, first of all Application submission on online portal of Medi-Hub TBI after that Internal screening of application is done then short listing of application is done, short listing of application is intimated to applicant followed by Committee assessment, once the committee assessment procedure is done Final selection of application and on boarding of applicant as incubatee.

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